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22 October 2006 @ 06:29 pm
Helping Hand  
Title: Helping Hand (one shot)
Author: kujo_hikaru
Rating: NC-17, M, R, or whatever you want to rate pure unadultered smut
Pairing: NaruSasu, mention of KakaIru
Length: 4000 Words
Warning: Total disregard for story line, alcohol, and really dirty sex
Disclaimer: Naruto does not belong to me.
Summary: Sasuke is training to be a jonin, and Kakashi and Naruto decide to help.
Age: All the characters in this story are over 18 years old, so if Warriors for Innocence has a problem with my story, they can eat my hairy, white ass.

This is my first public fic, and it is the results of sleep deprivation and really good allergy medication. It is un-beta'ed and only run through Word for grammar and spelling. Sorry if it sucks. I think I'll do KakaSasu (or even SasuKaka next). Something about Sasuke's name minus the first three letters kind of forces my hand when I choose who to make the top. And let's face it, everyone in the damn series has a dominant personality . . . well, except Hinata, but she's too sweet for me to de-flower in a fanfic.

Sasuke managed to deflect the blow that Kakashi leveled for his head, only to step right into a kick delivered by a Naruto clone. If he were anyone else, he would have blushed in embarrassment from the mistake when he landed flat on his ass. Naruto started laughing between pants, trying to catch his breath and that just pissed Sasuke off to no end. He leapt up to go after Naruto when Kakashi grabbed him by the collar.

"Okay, all right, that’s enough for tonight. You’re both too tired and you’re getting sloppy and it’s not helping anyone. Go get some sleep, and I’ll see you tomorrow," Kakashi said. Sasuke was too tired to really put up a fight, so he nodded.

"That’s fine, teme. You can get all the ‘beauty sleep’ you want, I’ll still kick your ass tomorrow," Naruto shot with a giant grin. Before Sasuke could even react, the clones all disappeared and Naruto transported himself away.

"Dobe," was all Sasuke said, glaring where the blonde was standing a few seconds before. Kakashi just chuckled to himself and let go of Sasuke’s collar. He put his hand on the younger nin’s shoulder.

"Remember, he’s just happy you’re finally completely back. He’s been begging the Hokage for almost a year to let you take the jonin exam, you know. I think you should remember that when you fight with him so much," Kakashi said to his former student. The dark haired man just kept looking at the spot where Naruto was standing, a look across his face that Kakashi couldn’t read.

"Well, I’ll be going," Kakashi added, before disappearing. Sasuke didn’t look away from the spot.


Eventually, Sasuke went home to the Uchiha estate alone. Even four years after returning home the entire district lay empty. He had managed to fix most of the homes and training grounds up to their original glory, but he didn’t dare let anyone live on the hallowed grounds. The memory of the people that once occupied those homes was too painful for him to let anyone move in.

Once Sasuke made it to his room, he stripped off his dirty clothing and headed into the bathroom for a quick cleanup. He hated to eat when he was dirty unless absolutely necessary. After he got out a towel and some clothes to wear when he was finished, Sasuke turned on the hot water and adjusted the temperature until it was comfortable and got in.

As Sasuke let the warm water caress and roll down his body, he began to relax and let out the day’s tension. Slowly, his thoughts drifted to the blonde ninja, as they had been doing for the past few months. What was it about the irreverent knucklehead that attracted him? Dammit, why couldn’t he stop thinking about that idiot? The graceful way he moved while fighting, the curve of his face, the pout of his lips. Suddenly, Sasuke had a problem that he needed to take care of.

The dark haired youth reached down and began to stroke his member. He imagined the last time he and Naruto were at the baths, during that mission six months ago to the sand village. That was when these feelings began. He used his mind’s eye to picture Naruto’s muscular frame dipping into the pool, his large cock nestled between his legs. Sasuke was surprised at how big he was, considering how childish he acted. Here’s where he left his actual memories and started into fantasy.

Sasuke imagined Naruto walking over and standing over him in the pool. He imagined the blonde bending into a passionate kiss, rubbing his hands over the blonde’s muscular torso and feeling his tongue press into his mouth. He reached out and pulled the blonde into him, straddling Sasuke’s lap on the pool’s ledge. In the here and now, he began to work himself more quickly, moaning into the action and resting his head into his arm on the shower wall. He missed the approach of a familiar chakra signature in his pleasure, missed seeing two deep blue eyes peering at him around the edge of the bathroom door.

As he built up speed in the shower, he pictured Naruto flipping him around, chest pressed against the side of the pool so that he was bent down in front of the blonde ninja. He imagined first one finger pressed into his body, then two spreading his opening. At the entrance of the third, he called out Naruto’s name in a breathy voice. Suddenly, the fingers were replaced by something big and hard, something that moved to fill him up completely. He could feel the heat radiating off of Naruto’s body as it pressed closer to his own. And then a wall of pure pleasure hit him as Naruto rubbed up against a certain point inside of him. He screamed out in pleasure, arching his back into the blonde and tried to push the last bit of him inside. In reality, his was moaning out the name, over and over as he reached his climax.

Imaginary Naruto was pushing in and out of Sasuke now with an even and steady, but very forceful motion. He reached around to pull Sasuke upright with his arm across his chest and Sasuke turned his head to kiss the blonde deeply. Naruto’s other hand reached down to work Sasuke’s up-to-now ignored member. With a firm grip, he timed the strokes to him thrusts from behind, which brought another deep moan and a whispered, "Nn . . . Naruto, ff-fast . . . faster, please."

In reality, Sasuke couldn’t take any more and with a final moan of Naruto’s name, he was blinded by a pure wave of ecstasy and spread his desire all over the wall of the shower. After a few more pumps he collapsed back into the wall panting for breath. He closed his eyes and tried to catch his breath while he came down from the ecstasy of what he just did. He didn’t see the smile form below the two blue eyes regarding him from the door, nor did he feel the familiar chakra now leave the house and move away from his home.

After a few moments, Sasuke recovered enough to finish washing himself and the shower wall down. He turned off the water and stepped out to dry himself and dress for dinner. After he was finished with drying and once again fully dressed, he moved to leave the bathroom. He noticed something odd, though, something familiar in the room. There was a chakra signature in the room, a signature which wasn’t there when he came in. But that means that someone was there while he handled his little problem. Even worse, he recognized the signature as belonging to a certain idiotic blonde who he just happened to be fantasizing about a mere five feet away and in full view of this very spot.

"Fuck," was all Sasuke could say. Maybe he came after he was done, or maybe he came before he said anything incriminating. Yeah, maybe he had just started and Naruto saw what he was doing and ran before anything bad escaped his lips. Hopefully fate would smile on him and he would be lucky enough to escape this embarrassment. "Fuck," was all Sasuke could say.


Kakashi was upset. You might even say he was mildly angry. All day he’d been helping Sasuke train for the jonin exam along with Naruto and occasionally even Sakura. She had to go back to the hospital twice for emergencies, but she came back whenever she could. Still, it didn’t excuse the total lack of attention Sasuke and Naruto were paying to the task at hand. Every time he tried to help demonstrate something to Sasuke, the teen seemed to be in his own world or staring vacantly at Naruto. Naruto wasn’t much better. Kakashi needed to drag every comment or insight out of him with brute force. Otherwise, he spent his time grinning dumbly into space or at Sasuke.

Sasuke was taking a risk, but he couldn't help it. When he tried to ignore the blonde ninja, he kept finding his gaze drawn to the ninja's graceful form. Unfortunately, his looks were lingering a little too long and his face betrayed a little too much emotion. This is what surprised his grey haired former sensei. While Kakashi was mildly amused that Naruto was having such an effect on the usually detached Sasuke, he was completely floored that Sasuke even had those kind of feelings for Naruto. Still, the years they all spent together and all the reactions of the last Uchiha to Naruto suddenly made sense. The wheels in Kakashi’s head clicked into place and he suddenly understood.

Sakura, however, was still blissfully unaware of the raven-haired nin’s lusty and longing stares directed at their fellow teammate. Unlike Kakashi, she and Naruto were not very perceptive of the feelings of others unless they really tried. And they apparently weren’t trying. Sakura was resting from her attempts at the jutsu Kakashi showed them and Naruto continued using the newly learned jutsu, blissfully unaware of the special attention Sasuke was paying him. One thing was painfully apparent to Kakashi, though: this was going to end in trouble.

Kakashi turned to Sasuke and said, "I’m leaving tomorrow for a mission, so you’ll have to ask Naruto to help you alone from now until your test." Then he spoke up to the others, "All right, that’s enough for today. Go home, or something." Sakura lit up and turned to Sasuke with a hopeful look on her face.

"Hey, Sasuke. Wanna go get something to eat?" she asked with an expectant look in her eye. But Sasuke just turned around and left, stalking off of the practice grounds towards his home.

"I’m hungry, Sakura-chan. I’ll go with you," Naruto said with a grin. She just gave him an evil glare until his smile faded and he began to back away. After a moment, she turned and stormed off in a huff. Naruto just shrugged and transported to his home. Kakashi thought to warn Naruto about those looks Sasuke was giving him today, but decided it would be more fun for him to figure it out for himself. But he needed to go say a special good bye to Iruka before his mission, or he might come home to find himself needing a new place to live and a very angry Iruka.


Sasuke really didn’t know where his legs were leading him, but he hoped it was somewhere good. He had kind of lost touch with most of reality a few hours ago, drowning his problems in a copious amount of alcohol. Of course, he was drinking alone, preferring his own company in the bleak darkness of sorrow to anyone he knew. Besides, he drank to forget his dark past, not for fun or for meeting friends.

Before long, part of Sasuke’s brain knew exactly where he was headed. The tan brick building he was approaching happened to be the apartment building where a certain loud blonde lived. He distantly wondered why he was here when he found himself knocking on Naruto’s door. Sasuke was sure this was a major mistake and began to back away to leave. Just before he turned, though, the door opened slowly to show a sleepy blonde wearing only a pair of boxers, scratching the back of his head.

"Sasuke? Ww . . . what’s the matter?" Naruto asked around a particularly loud yawn. Sasuke turned back to the door, hungrily eyeing the other teen and licking his lips. Naruto yawned again and noticed the strange look on Sasuke’s face.

"Is something the matter, Sasuke? Did you need something?" Naruto asked with a note of concern. Sasuke took the last step towards Naruto, closing the distance between them and leaving very little room between their faces. He looked up into Naruto’s clear blue eyes and realized he was crying. When did he start crying, and what was the matter? He couldn’t think of anything wrong. Maybe he was hurt. It just didn’t make sense. Then, he was in Naruto’s arms, held up by the heavy muscles of the blonde who was comforting him through his sobs.

"Shhh . . . it’s alright, Sasuke. Everything is fine," Naruto said softly into Sasuke’s head. He tried to lead the dark haired nin into his apartment, but Sasuke’s legs were barely able to hold his weight. He picked up the Uchiha and carried him inside, instead. Sasuke just gripped his shoulders firmly, still sobbing uncontrollably.

After he reached the couch, he sat down with Sasuke still in his arms and cradled him while soothing his hair once again. Sasuke began to calm down now, his sobs stopping and his tears running less and less. Eventually, he looked up into Naruto’s face with red-rimmed eyes the color of the blackest night. It was all Naruto could do not to fall into those dark eyes and loose himself in their expression. Then he did the oddest thing: he reached his face down and pressed his lips into Sasuke’s. He didn’t know why he did that, but he just had the sudden urge to share that kiss with his long time friend.

Sasuke melted into Naruto’s arms, swept up by the kiss. He pressed open his mouth and felt a tentative tongue reach in from the blonde. He closed his eyes and savored the movements and flavor of Naruto’s tongue, surprised at how good of a kisser Naruto was. He felt something stir in Naruto’s lap beneath him and let out a soft moan. It seems this was going to go as far as he had always hoped. Sasuke pulled back from the kiss and saw disappointment flash on the blonde’s face.

"I needed to breathe, dobe. Besides, we better head to the bedroom before we go farther. My back hurts from training and I don’t feel like doing this on the couch," Sasuke said without much emotion. Naruto’s eyes just got bigger and bigger with each sentence, ending in a shocked stare at Sasuke.

"What did you think it would lead to if you kissed me like that? I know you want it; I can feel it below me now. And I can tell you that I want it, too. Why not skip the bullshit and just get on with what we really want," Sasuke added with a smirk. He shifted off of Naruto’s lap and stood. After brushing his clothes off, he walked purposefully into Naruto’s bedroom and sat on the edge of the bed. He waited to the count of three and Naruto burst through the door.

"What do you mean? What do we both want? Who are you, and where is Sasuke?" Naruto said, flushed from excitement. Sasuke just smiled at him.

"One, I mean I want you to strip and come over here to take me. Two, we both want to have sex. Three, I’m Sasuke and I’m sitting on your bed, waiting to get laid. Are you going to deny you don’t want it, because that kiss and your little friend there tell me otherwise," Sasuke said, grinning fully now. He stood up and began to remove his clothes as Naruto glanced down at the full tent in his boxers. By the time he looked up again, Sasuke was down to his boxers, too, and was about to pull them down. He thought better, and walked up to Naruto instead.

Sasuke ran his palms down Naruto’s sides gingerly. As soon as his hands touched Naruto’s skin, the blonde closed his eyes and moaned, arching slightly into the touch. Sasuke could see his cock twitch below and itched to wrap his hand around it. He knew Naruto needed a little more prodding first, so he decided to be patient.

Instead of grasping Naruto’s cock, Sasuke instead bent his knees slightly and took one of Naruto’s nipples in his mouth. The sound Naruto made this time was closer to a growl then the whimper from before. As he ran his tongue over the tip of the nipple, Sasuke began to suck slightly and pinch the other with one of his free hands. As the blood rushed to the sensitive nipple, he felt them both harden under his attention. Naruto was arching and bucking his hips slightly now, and Sasuke decided to go for his real target.

The dark haired man settled all the way to his knees now and gripped the waist of Naruto's boxers. The blonde looked down to him and swallowed once. Sasuke smirked at him and ripped his boxers down in a single motion. He had to use all his remaining composure not to drop his mouth open at the sight under the boxers, though. Naruto was massive when he was hard. Sasuke was looking forward to this more and more.

At first, he took Naruto in his left hand, pumping once or twice into Naruto and relishing he groans he received. He even made out a whispered "Sasuke" in there, too. After a few pumps of the hand, he took the head of Naruto’s cock in his mouth and ran his tongue around the head three or four times. Then he began to drive the entire shaft into his mouth, massaging the blonde’s balls with his right hand and humming to increase the impact. As soon as he had Naruto’s full length inside of his mouth, he pulled out again to the tip. Three or four times of this found Naruto's hands twined in his hair, driving his head up and down the shaft at a steady pace. Sasuke varied the sucktion he was delivering and hummed on and off. He even swallowed once and smiled inwardly at the volume with which Naruto screamed his name out. He stopped, though, and pulled the blonde out of his mouth and licked his lips. All Naruto did was stare down at him with murder in his eyes.

"Hold on, I want to get something out of this, too. Get on the bed and I’ll prep myself now. I’m going to ride you and make you scream my name like that again," Sasuke said. Naruto’s eyes flashed and he blushed slightly, but he obeyed. Naruto sat on the edge of the bed and looked up at Sasuke again. After seeing the withering look on Sasuke’s face, he pushed back and laid on his back, propped up on his elbows. Sasuke gave him a wicked smile.

Slowly, Sasuke began to remove his clothing. After seeing the way Naruto perked up while he removed his shirt, Sasuke slowed down and began to rub his hands over his body as he stripped. He would have dragged the process out a little longer, but he was incredibly horny and just wanted to get on with it. Besides, he didn’t really need to seduce Naruto, that was already done . . .

Once his clothes were off, Sasuke got onto the bed with Naruto, sitting on his knees next to the blonde’s side. "Where’s your lube, dobe?" Sasuke asked.

"In ahh, in the drawer, behind you," Naruto said, his eyes still locked onto Sasuke’s body. Sasuke reached into the drawer and pulled out the bottle. He popped the top, then grabbed Naruto’s hand and poured a good bit of the lube onto his fingers. Naruto looked at him questioningly and Sasuke just leaned back and pressed Naruto’s index finger into his entrance. He couldn’t tell who moaned, but Naruto quickly got the hint and began to work his finger in and out of Sasuke’s hole, probing as far as he could.

"Nn, more . . . another finger," Sasuke said to Naruto. Naruto quickly complied, moving his body around to get more comfortable. After he settled in, Naruto added his middle finger to the action. Sasuke’s back arched and he moaned when the finger pressed against a certain spot inside of his body. "Ready . . . ready now, lay back," Sasuke said breathily.

After he removed his fingers, Naruto returned to his previous position, laying back next to Sasuke and staring up into his black eyes. Sasuke threw his leg over the top of Naruto’s body and straddled him on his knees. Given the unique position, Sasuke indulged himself by licking Naruto along his jaw line. Naruto just growled softly and lifted his chin to give Sasuke better access. As he made his tongue play, the dark haired nin reached down and grasped Naruto’s cock in his hand and positioned it below his waiting hole. And with one quick movement, he plunged his hips down to completely envelop Naruto inside of his body.

When his body had adjusted, and he and Naruto’s pants had subsided, Sasuke began to move his body up and down on his knees with a slow, steady rhythm. Naruto reached up his hands and began to run them over Sasuke’s pale torso, outlining the muscles in his stomach with his finger tips. The sensitive and tender caress brought a deep moan to Sasuke’s lips and made his back arch. He rested his palms on Naruto’s chest and began to ride Naruto harder.

"Hold on a sec, I want to change positions. I think I know how to make this more interesting," Naruto said with a grin. Sasuke hovered between annoyance at Naruto interrupting the rhythm and interest in what Naruto could possibly think would make this better. He arched an eyebrow and stopped riding up and down.

Naruto reach around behind Sasuke’s bottom and held him close. He raised himself fully upright under Sasuke and went up onto his knees so he was kneeling and had Sasuke’s legs wrapped around his waist. He continued to support Sasuke with his hands on the Uchiha’s bottom and began to pump in and out of Sasuke’s body. He could feel Sasuke clench down on him and see him roll his eyes back in his head.

The pink flush to Sasuke’s cheek was making Naruto hot, really hot. Sasuke was riding back now, arching and moaning softly to himself. Sweat was pouring off of his body and making his hips slide against Naruto’s skin. A deep growl was forming in Naruto’s throat, bubbling up from the pit of his stomach. At the sound, Sasuke opened his eyes and looked deeply into Naruto’s. The dark haired nin leaned into Naruto and kissed him deeply.

The growl continued and Naruto drove his tongue into Sasuke’s mouth. Naruto fell forward on top of Sasuke, driving him into the bed. Sasuke wrapped his legs around Naruto’s back tightly and pulled him in closer with his arms. Naruto and Sasuke both growled and Sasuke nipped at Naruto’s neck. The blonde reached down and gripped Sasuke’s member in a tight grip and pumped in rhythm with his thrusts. Faster and faster he pounded into Sasuke and slowly a tingling built inside of the Uchiha.

Sasuke could feel the edges of reality start to blur and electricity shoot to the pit of his stomach. And then the world exploded into a million little stars. He bucked his hips into Naruto and saw the blonde’s breath catch. Suddenly, he felt the blonde come inside of him, wave after wave, filling his insides and coating him throughout. In the end, he sighed and Naruto sagged into him, resting on his elbows and holding his forehead against Sasuke’s. The two of them stayed like that for what seemed an eternity just looking into each other’s eyes and panting as they came down from the ecstasy.

"Well, that was fun," Naruto said with a grin. "Wanna go again?" Sasuke smirked and then began to laugh. Naruto giggle and then started laughing whole heartedly, as well.

"You have to ask, dobe? You really are an idiot," Sasuke said while laughing. Sasuke sat up and kissed Naruto. He would definitely go again.

(Anonymous) on January 12th, 2007 09:18 pm (UTC)
Loved it
Dirrrrty, fast, and delicious. Especially liked how you captured the essence of Sasuke, "...Why not skip the bullshit and get on with what we really want."
kujo_hikarukujo_hikaru on January 12th, 2007 09:33 pm (UTC)
Re: Loved it
Thank you! I totally stole that from real life, from some guy that used it on me in High School (paraphrased, though).